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"The Tracking & Recovery Network" use to 
Track Deer, Turkey, All Game. Always in Stock !
Big Game BowHunting, Alligator Hunting, Marine Projects, Antenna Launching"
"The Tracker" - Professional Tracking System The Tracker™ ...  Crossbow Friendly !  
"Don't Lose Your Trophy"
"The Crossbow Maounting Kit" for The Tracker by THS.com Crossbow Mounting Kit™ ... 
Mount The Tracker™ to Your Crossbow
The Tracker Spools The Tracker Spool ...
Track Your Trophy Using The Tracker™
Picatinny Rail Mounting Kit™ ...
Mount Accessories like The Tracker™ to Your Crossbow
The Tracker Clips™ ... Tie The Tracker Spool™ Line to Arrow ... Fast, Fast !

Mouth Call Maker™ Kit  
  "Make 'em & Sell 'em"
Mouth Call Packaging 
  Standard, Youth & USA Refills available!   

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Turkey Hunting DVDs , CDs  /  Books
Mouth Call SaverMouth Call Saver
by Roger Raisch 
$ 6.99  ORDER
Increase mouth call life, improves tone & performance, cost less and sanitizes.
Gobbler Hauler by Russell KoxlienGobbler Hauler   by Russell Koxlien  ORDER $29.99 

KICK's Chokes   FREE SHIP on select KICKS chokes
Comp-N-Choke Chokes - CLOSE OUTS on Select CNC Choke 


Mids, Vitals, Cores, Horns
                  Paper & Cardboard Targets 
         Rinehart 3D Targets & Inserts

   SpyderWeb  Targets 

Bowgrunter Plus Deer Call mounted on outer clothing.BOWGRUNTER PLUS DEER CALL   Black & Camo
100% Hands-Free Social Deer Call
Stitch 'N Fix - Pop-Up Blind Repair Kit
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Stitch 'n Fix Universal Ground Blind Repair Kit by TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com
Stitch 'n Fix™ Pop-Up Hunting Blind Repair Kit
 Collapsed Pop-Up Blind
Support Rod Damage 
Stitch 'N Fix Installed Repair Patch
Stitching with Sewing Awl 
Repair Patch Installed

Stitch 'n Fix™
Pop-Up Hunting Blind Repair Kit
by TurkeyHuntingSecrets.com

 Everything Needed to Repair Pop-Up Hunting Blind 
Fabric Tears

Designed for quick and easy repairs to pop-up hunting 
blind fabric punctures and tears caused by stress from support rods, particularly at corners of blind.

What's Included:

  • ( 1 ) Highest-Quality, Simple-to-Use Hand Sewing Awl with heavy-duty coated thread.

  • ( 8 ) 6" round patches of extra-heavy duty, ballistic-style, rip-stop, weather-proof material designed to repair and reinforce corners of blind where support rods have or will wear holes in fabric.

  • ( 1 ) Extra spool of heavy-duty coated thread.

  • ( 2 ) Heavy duty needles for Hand Sewing Awl.

  • ( 1 ) Complete step-by-step
           instructions on 
    ~ how to repair fabric punctures
    ~ operate Hand Sewing Awl

Price  $19.99


6" Round Repair Patch $.99 / 

Heavy Duty Coated Thread

$3.99 / spool



Read about the advantages of a ground blind
Review a Pro's Choice Universal Blind
Review blueprints to build a Pro's Choice Universal Blind

The Turkey Pro Sez: "Nothing is more annoying than equipment failure, especially when it involves my hunting gear, and it usually happens at the worst possible time.

One very common failure is a collapsed pop-up, hub-style blind due to a hole being worn in one or more upper or lower rod pockets by the action and stress of the support rods being pushed against the fabric of the blind repeatedly. A wear-through problem can occur even through cotton or nylon webbing material. When a single rod breaks through, your blind will not stand up.  

You then have choices....take it to a tent and awning company for repairs (usually costly and time-consuming), throw it in a heap in the garage, buy a new one, or try to repair it yourself.  Quick repairs make the most sense....but how?

Repairing a hole, or reinforcing the corner stress points before holes develop, can easily be done by anyone with a Stitch 'n Fix™ Pop-Up Hunting Blind Repair Kit.  Everything you need is included to get your blind functional again FAST - without losing your investment.  The Kit is small enough to be carried in a pack, in your vehicle, or other handy location, so repairs can be made in the field or elsewhere.  In the field it is often enough to simply apply the repair patch and put in a few quick stitches to hold it in place, getting you back in the game quickly.  Later, you can fully attach the patch.

I especially like the Hand Sewing Awl that comes with the kit, which makes pushing the heavy duty needle and thread through the patch and blind material easy....it requires very little force.

With a little practice, you will be sewing like a pro and have your blind back up and operational!

Another great product to enhance your enjoyment of a pop-up blind, and preserve your investment, is our Blind Secure Kit, designed to keep your blind from being damaged by adverse weather, and includes products to help you judge distance when hunting from the blind, and improve the operation of the shooting/viewing windows.

Find quality pop-up blinds, the Pro's Choice Universal Blind, and blueprints for building your own blind HERE."


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Mouth Call MakerKit
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TurkeyHuntingSecrets DVD - Become A Master Turkey Hunter - Proven Tactics with Gun & Bow with Roger Raisch "The Turkey Pro"
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 SAVE $6 
2 Camo  
Bowgrunter Plus 
Deer Calls
$ 39.99
Gobbler Hauler
by Russell Koxlien
Gobbler Hauler by Russell Koxlien
$29.99  ORDER


Blind Secure - Pop-Up Blind Security Kit
by Roger Raisch Hunting Products

Stitch 'N Fix - Pop-Up Blind Repair Kit
by Roger Raisch Hunting Products
New & Improved   
The Tracker™- Professional Tracking System
The Tracker - Professional Tracking System - by THS.com
1 Tracker with
1 Spool $ 19.99

Dickson Game Bags
Extra Heavy-Duty Deer Game Bag

Extra Heavy-Duty Deer Game Bag by Dickson Industries
more- Game Bags

  DELTA Riverbottom, MAXIM, Bedded Buck VITAL
Delta Replacement Vital # 50201 - Used for "Riverbottom, MAXIM, MAXIM Bedded Buck" .
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Custom Chokes
as low as $ 47.99
Turkey Hunting
& Card Shooting

Comp-N-Choke Custom Shotgun Chokes - WORLD CHAMPION - Remington, Benelli, Beretta, Mossberg & Winchoke for Gun Hunters
Sporting Clays, Trap, Waterfowl, Bird, Deer etc.

Comp-n-Choke Brass Snap Cap

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Wild Turkey Hunting &  Management Book
- by  Dr. Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
CD ...
Real Turkeys VI

 Dr. Lovett Willaims, Jr Wild Turkey Management Book
$27.99 ********
Real Turkeys Audio CD / Cassettes
by  Dr. Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
Dr. Lovett Williams, Jr Cd's and Cassette Tapes

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